Diane Garner; Texas Licensed Breeder, # 131

Seller guarentees this dog to be in good health at time of sale and has received age appropriate medications.

for the protection of the Purchaser and Seller, we require you to have your puppy examined by a Vererinarian

ithin 48 hrs. of purchase. Failure to have puppy examined VOIDS this warranty. If your puppy is found to

have a health problem at the 48 hr. exam and is unable to be medically treated a replacement puppy of equal

value will be given. To qualify for a replacement puppy you must return puppy alive within 24 hrs. and

 a signed document from the Veterinarian stating problem. Registration papers must also be returned to

Seller. Buyer will be responsible for all Medical Bills.

Seller does guarantee puppy against life threatening genetic defects (heart, liver, lung, etc.) for one year.

If puppy is found to have a live threatening hereditary condition Seller must be notified within 24 hrs. Puppy

will be returned to Seller with registration papers and will be replaced as soon as one of same breed, sex, and 

quality is available. In the event of puppy's death a statement from the Veterinarian and laboratory reports

confirming cause of death will be required. If the cause of death is unknown an autopsy report is required

with laboratory reports.

Buyer will be responsible for all veterinary bills and shipping cost for replacement puppy.


Seller does not guarantee against conditions brought on by stree or environmental change. We can't be

responsible for the puppy once it leaves our care. Therefore we can't be responsible for hyopglycemia.

Seller has provided information on ge to prevent, recognize and treat this condition. Seller will not be 

responsible for Parvo, Distemper, or Corona virus as they are contagious diseases that can be contracted

after leaving the Seller. Seller does not guarantee against any internal or external parasites (coccidia, giardia,

worms, ear mites), hernia, males indescender tecticles or paltalla laxation. 

No guarantee is made as to size, color, quality, disposition or fertilty.

Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with:

and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, the terms of this guarantee will

not be honored unless your puppy is given NUVET PLUS immune sustem builder as directed by the

manufacturer for the entire guarantee period. Faikure to do so will render this guatantee void except where

prohibited by law. We highly reccommend you continue to give NUVET PLUS beyond the guarantee period

foer optional health for a life time

Diane Garner Podsednik

Crystal Sky Puppies